1)What is an integrated senior living resort?

Integrated senior living will comprise of 2 components that complement each other – the independent living apartments and the nursing care.

Independent living apartments are for those who are independent and do not need any assistance in daily living but choose to live with like-minded individuals to enjoy their golden years.

Nursing care facilities provided are long- and short-term care covering the medical conditions for the purpose of rehabilitation and recovery.

2) Who is Eden at Botanica CT (EABC)?

Eden at Botanica CT is a joint venture between Botanica Hills Sdn Bhd (a subsidiary of MTT Group of Companies) and Eden-On-The-Park, Kuching. This company is set up for the purpose of developing and managing EABC – the 1st integrated senior living resort in Balik Pulau, Penang.

EABC will be situated in Botanica CT township – the 1st 300 acres of garden township in the South West of Penang Island. Botanica CT is today a self-contained township with the completion of Botanica CT Centre (BCC) that houses prominent names in the F&B, electrical shops, some household shops and TF Value-Mart Sdn Bhd that offer convenience to the residents.

Eden-On-The-Park, Kuching are based on proven models in Australia and New Zealand tailored to the Malaysian context. This has been designed with safety in mind with specialist nursing care facilities and amenities to encourage community and social interaction for active and healthy living.

EABC will be modelled after the proven concepts in Australia and New Zealand adapted to the Malaysian culture. EABC features a full-fledged nursing care centre that provides professional licensed nursing care for those who require constant care, and an active living resort that provides accommodation to active seniors who are seeking independent living.

3) Where is the location of Eden at Botanica CT (EABC) in Penang?

EABC is located at Botanica CT, about 5 km away from the town centre of Balik Pulau – a south west region of Penang Island and is 17 km away from the Penang International Airport and 25 km away from Georgetown.

4) What is the difference between independent living apartment and nursing care?

The independent living supports the growing population of senior citizens in the country to age in place independently and productively. Eden at Botanica CT (EABC) is designed to provide secure, safe living environment supported by state-of-the-art services in a sustainable environment.

In the independent living apartments, facilities specific to senior living such as care support systems and indoor amenities being planned. These facilities include our emergency response call system, personal medical record keeping, on site concierge for immediate care support are in addition to the other recreational facilities in a resort including outdoor amenities.

The nursing care centre is to be fully licensed by the Ministry of Health. Our proprietary systems will be built in to dispense appropriate care, support and medication. The categories of nursing care encompass long and short-term residential care including those with medical conditions.

5)What type of accommodation is available at independent living apartments?

The breakdown of the types are as follows:

TypesBuilt Up Area (sq ft)
1 bedroom (Type A)~ 700 sq ft
2 bedrooms (Type B)~ 850 sq ft
3 bedrooms (Type C)~ 1000 sq ft
Villas~ 1500 sq ft

Selling price starts from approximately RM400,000 per unit.

6) FAQs on Independent Living Apartments

  1. When will the apartments be available for bookings?
    Anticipated to be in Aug/Sept 2022
  2. When is the completion date?
    Targeted to be in 2026
  3. Are there any units available for lease
    Yes, there will be.
  4. What are the rates like?
    It will be determined nearer to the launch.
  5. Who can own the apartments?
    The apartments are open for sale to the general public at any age as the units are available to those aged 60 and above to stay. For those below the age of 60 can own the units for their parent’s use or lease it back to EABC for lease to interested parties until such time where they want to stay at EABC themselves. Rental return rates to be decided later.
  6. Is there financing available for the purchase of the apartments?
    Yes, and it will be subject to bank’s requirements for the loan approval.
  7. Who can stay at the apartments?
    The primary resident shall be at least 60 years old.
  8. Are pets allowed at the apartments?
  9. Are visitors allowed to stay over at the apartment?
    Yes, and it is for short term stay.
  10. What are the fees to pay when staying at the apartments?
    The fees payable includes the basic tier services for nursing and non-nursing related services are estimated to range between RM250 to RM300 per month per person based on 700 sq ft and twin sharing apartment.
  11. What are the facilities provided at the apartments suitable for seniors?
    (i) Basic vitals monitoring and periodical consultation
    (ii) Proper computerised medical records keeping
    (iii) 24 hour carer – on standby
    (iv) AI based CCTV camera surveillance at common areas
    (v) Concierge services
    On demand basis:
    (vi) Door to door laundry services
    (vii) Door to door housekeeping & cleaning services
    (viii) Healthy meals catering
    (ix) Indoor/Outdoor exercise classes
    (x) Non-intrusive AI-based cameras for fall detection & other capabilities
    (xi) Specially-designed aged care friendly furniture
    (xii) Minivan transfers within Botanica CT
    (xiii) Buggy transfers to Botanica Mansion
    (xiv) Living trusts service
  12. What are the other facilities in the apartments for resident’s use?
    (i) Common seating area for residents to hang out
    (ii) Landscaped garden with greeneries and outdoor benches
    (iii) Gymnasium with equipment that focuses on resistance training for seniors
    (iv) Business centres for meetings & conferences
    (v) TV room with scheduled movie show time
    (vi) Games Room fit for table tennis, board games, carom & cards
  13. What is the role of AI in your senior living?
    The purpose of AI is to support the seniors to age gracefully in their apartment with the feeling of comfort and security.
  14. Is CCTV monitoring a common feature in your homes?
    Artificial Intelligence enabled CCTV is under consideration.
  15. Are there any religious facilities provided in the home?
    At EABC, we welcome those of all religions and it is our intention to provide facilities that will accommodate the spiritual needs of all our residents. We will also be consulting with other religious organizations on the appropriate provision of such facilities within our facility.
  16. Is foreign ownership allowed?
    Yes, foreign ownership is subject to the price threshold allowed by Penang’s State Housing & Development Board which is currently at RM800,000 for strata titled properties. For MM2H holders, they are allowed to own properties from RM500,000 and above.
  17. Is this community suitable for disabled person who also need care?
    The design will be suitable for person with disability and the care regime is more focused to the needs of seniors. Having said this, specific care needs will always be assessed on case-to-case basis.
  18. Will you provide transport service to Georgetown or other parts of Penang Island?
    This is under consideration depending on the demand for such service.
  19. What happens to the ownership of the property when the owner passes on?
    EABC will include all possible scenarios and exit clauses in the Deed of Mutual Covenant which also could include a buy back option.
  20. Will it remain vacant until the person is of the right age to move in?
    Owners will have options to lease out the units and EABC will assist on leasing of the property.

7) FAQs on Nursing Care

  1. When will the Nursing Care be ready to accept patients?
    Scheduled completion in 2024
  2. What are the types of services provided?
  3. Are there special rates and priority given to residents of the independent living apartments?
    Yes, there will be. Details to follow later
  4. Can the Nursing Care services be provided at the apartments?
    Yes, it will be for the comfort of the resident depending on his/her condition.
  5. What is the basis of Eden’s Nursing management?
    The care practices in our Nursing Care Residence originate from our Australian partner Optimum Aged Care Systems. The underlying systems have been extensively used in care facilities throughout Australia and these care practices have been modified to suit the preferences of Malaysian society and regulators.
  6. For the nursing care, do you have rooms for singles and couples?
    There is a choice of room for singles and couples where the design is aimed at providing comfort and safety to the residents
  7. Is there an in-house doctor?
    We will have a doctor registered with our facility as mandated by statutory regulations and the doctor will be available on regular, periodic basis. We also maintain resident medical records which will include each resident’s preferred doctor in the event of emergencies.
  8. Does your nursing care include palliative care?
    Palliative care is part of our services in the Care Residence.
  9. How much is the cost of day care and nursing care?
    Our Penang flagship Care Residence will open its doors in 2024 to the general public. For our Care Residence, the prices and costs are only available closer to the date of the commencement of operations. Be assured that we will look to accommodate as wide a range of affordability for Penangites. Please look out for our opening promotions.
  10. Is there care provided for Dementia and Alzheimer?
    Yes, this is provided for in the Care Residence. There will be an assessment done by our team of professionals on how best to deliver care to the specific individual.

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